AUGUST 19, 2019

Meet Trailblazer Wynter Ho

Today we’d like to introduce you to Wynter Ho.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
My career in the beauty industry started four years ago when I realized I did not envision myself working a regular 9-5 job. I was currently a student finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Human Communications at Cal State Fullerton when I decided I wanted to change my path completely. While in school, I worked many different jobs. I worked in retail, the food industry, and even at the bank! I tried working everywhere you could name! I found none of the jobs to be fulfilling but knew customer service was a strong suit of mine. The only thing I took away from working so many different roles is that I learned I loved working and being around others. I always knew I wanted my own business and always loved anything beauty related. Growing up, my grandparents owned many different nail salons and would often bring me to the shops…


So I came across Wink By Wynter on Instagram. I was quite nervous to try out lashes for the first time. So i booked with Katie to get “Classics” and I LOVED them!
I decided to go back and this time we did volume..GAME CHANGER. I loved it even more!
While getting my lashes done Katie told me they were going to start Lash Courses. I decided jump on it,take the class, and get certified(Aug2018).

There new location in Huntington Beach is gorgeous ! Super clean , super neat, they offer pedicures, manicures, gel-x , lash extensions.
I recently went to get a lash refill and decided to stay and try out the pedicure.. once again they never disappoint.
I highly recommend the *sparkly rose and milk pedicure* it’s so soothing especially cause I’m currently pregnant. Lol

I’ve been a regular for 2 years now.

TRY IT OUT ! You won’t be disappointed

-Stacey R.

I have been getting my lashes done by Wynter for years. She is so sweet and accommodating. Every time I come in she already knows what style I’d like without me having to tell her. She is also open to trying out new styles on me. Sometimes I’ll come in with a pair of falsies I want her to replicate and she is on point every time! She is also honest with me. If I want a style that wouldn’t be healthy for my lashes she lets me know why it wouldn’t work for me and what she can do that’s similar. I appreciate her honesty and attention to detail!

The ambiance of her shop is so cute and relaxing. She has comfortable lounge type chairs you lay on instead of those uncomfortable beds made of rubber/leather that most salons have. Afterwards she even gives you an aftercare package. Always a great experience at Wink by Wynter!

-Reizzel J.

This was my first time getting extensions in a while and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! During the whole process, Wynter was super considerate and made sure I was comfortable with everything. She sincerely takes into account of what look I wanted to go for and genuinely works to achieve it. I felt extremely comfortable getting it done by her because she was super easy to talk to the whole time and the atmosphere of the studio made it feel even cozier! Afterwards, she also explained in full detail on how to take care of the extensions to have better retention which was incredibly helpful! Couldn’t have asked for a better first time experience, my lashes are looking amazing! Thanks to Wynter life is definitely going to be a lot easier.

-Vivian P.

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